The Saint 75

saint 75 cocktail

We are still talking about the Saints in Louisiana and their final play off game. So why not sip a cocktail, named in their honor to celebrate their wins this season and lament their final loss. No one says you can’t drink while boycotting the no call!

Years ago, Gayden and I and our dear friends Moe and Peter went to Commander’s Restaurant in New Orleans to experience the tasting menu and celebrate the holidays. We sat at a small table in the kitchen close to the line where all of the activity was happening. The chef fed us for what seemed like 4-5 hours with a grand finale of a simultaneous  presentation of 8 desserts. This included of course, one of my favorites, bread pudding souffle.  I don’t know how but we managed to at least sample them all before crawling home but we did.

The evening began, however, with a simple yet memorable cocktail called the Saint 75. I convinced a very kind waiter to share the recipe which he proceeded to write on my cocktail napkin. I saved it just for you.

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