Rhubarb Ginger Gin Fizz

gin fizz

The Rhubarb Ginger Gin Fizz. Yes, it’s another pretty pink drink. A pink summer cocktail that packs a punch. The punch comes from the combination of the bitter and spicy flavors in the sweet rhubarb ginger syrup with a shot of gin of course.

To my knowledge, rhubarb is not grown in Louisiana or it would be difficult to grow in Louisiana. Most of the rhubarb grown in the US comes from Washington, Oregon and Michigan. So, imagine my surprise when I discovered rhubarb at my local grocery store one day last week. What could I do? I was looking for a new ingredient to experiment with in my kitchen and I found it!

Rhubarb is a strange vegetable or is it a fruit?  It looks like celery but has a reddish, pinkish color. If you eat it raw, which is not recommended, it has a sour, bitter taste. The few times I have eaten it, it has been cooked or baked in a pie or dessert with something sweet, typically strawberries, and sugar, to balance the flavor of the bitterness.

I decided to use the rhubarb and combined it with ginger to create a simple syrup. Cooking the red rhubarb with the sugar and water produces a perfectly beautiful pink syrup for this special summer cocktail.

To make the rhubarb ginger gin fizz, all you need is a cocktail shaker or a tall glass, the simple syrup, gin, a lime and sparkling water. The ingredients are stirred and then poured into a cocktail glass filed with ice. I also like to add a splash of Domaine de Canton to this drink to enhance the ginger flavors if you have it.

Domaine de Canton is a rich and smooth ginger flavored liqueur with a cognac base. The addition of Domaine de Canton makes this drink extra boozy and even more delicious. That said, it is not an essential ingredient. Enjoy this Rhubarb Ginger Gin Fizz during these long warm summer months or anytime.

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