A letter & update for my readers

A letter & update for my readers


Little did I know that when my daughter Maggie and I conceived the idea for a cooking blog 4 years ago that it would take me on such an incredible journey. Sur le Plat has reunited me with friends locally, across the country, and around the world. The blog has introduced me to new acquaintances and I have been inspired by other food bloggers and my followers. It’s served as a platform for me to share my love of food, cooking, and writing.

I believe that our history is chronicled through the food that we grow, cook and eat. The narrative is shaped from the kitchen stove and from the dining room table where we convene as families, friends, and communities to do much more than fill our stomachs.

Being alive takes time. Cooking seasonal, healthy, and delicious food takes time. Now that it appears to be safe to travel again, and my husband and I are retired, we will be exploring this country and the world with, of course, a plan for our next great meal wherever we are.

I will be continuing to post on the Sur le Plat Instagram with even more frequency, but I am taking a break from managing the website. As I’m sure you can imagine, it takes time and dedication. My newsletters won’t be hitting your inbox weekly anymore, but that doesn’t mean they are gone forever.

My recipes may look a little different on Instagram. There will be a short list of ingredients and brief instructions which will hopefully encourage you to continue to try new foods and the endless possibilities that are available to all of us for healthy seasonal local eating.

As John Edge stated in “Potlikker Papers,” we have a “shared culinary language,” not only with our southern families but I also am privileged to now have a shared culinary language with each of you across the country and world. Thank you for being a part of my food traditions. I hope to continue to see you in my travel and food experiences. Stay in touch!

With love,

~ Jan Robert

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