Salade Nicoise

salad nicoise

Salade Nicoise, a staple of Provence in Southern France. Think Nice, beaches, and the Mediterranean Sea. In its purest form, a proper Nicoise salad is supposed to have either tuna or anchovies but not both. Also, canned tuna is typically served rather than fresh tuna that has been grilled or seared. That’s not to say that you can’t use your imagination and reinterpret and update this traditional salad according to your tastes and preferences.

I prefer to make mine as I have had it served to me many times over the years in traditional french brasseries here and abroad with canned tuna, anchovies, potatoes, olives, green beans, tomatoes and hard boiled eggs lightly bathed in a dijon mustard vinaigrette, and assembled or composed on a platter or an individual plate. Here is your foundation for a traditional Nicoise, salade composee . Immerse yourself in the tradition or re-create your version of this Provencal staple.

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