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In the Sur Le Plat Kitchen: Making Scones, fruit cobbler and lemon curd

The inaugural Sur Le Plat scone making class was a tremendous success! We began the class with a tasting of fresh blueberry scones with lemon curd. I also made some lavender lemonade to keep us cool on this hot summer day and accompany our sweet and savory creations.

blueberry scones

Twelve cooking enthusiasts joined me in the kitchen of Becky and Jim Roth to learn the art of making the perfect cream scone and variations on that theme. You can find what I refer to as my “master recipe” for scones here.

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We discussed how to vary this recipe and add fresh fruit, almond meal for the perfect almond scone, and other dried fruit and nuts such as cranberry, orange and pecans. My scone recipe is adaptable and strong enough to produce a tender, light english style biscuit.

I am so happy that these scone enthusiasts decided to join me in the kitchen because the technique to perfect scones is learning how the dough should look and feel. We served these scones warm from the oven with homemade lemon curd.

lemon curd recipe

I also shared that I use this same master scone recipe for my strawberry shortcakes when it is strawberry season in Louisiana. You can check that out also on the blog here!

The savory scones were a spicy departure from the traditional sweet sugar encrusted scones. The dough is heavier and flavored with sharp cheddar, chives and bacon. Great to use for appetizers in miniature size or to accompany southern grits and grillades, BBQ shrimp, or shrimp and grits.

savory scones

The grand finale was the blueberry cobbler. The cobbler dough is very similar to the scone dough minus the eggs. I make my cobbler dough and place it loosely on the top of fresh berries or fruit. Once you see the hot fruit bubbling through the golden cobbler biscuits, it is time to serve immediately with vanilla ice cream so you can achieve the creamy melt and mixture of the ice cream and juicy berries.

blueberry cobbler

What’s next on the calendar for Sur Le Plat cooking classes?

Let me know what you are interested in and what you would like to learn. I am thinking that we need to take advantage of the seasonal summer produce such as the unlimited supply of tomatoes, herbs or  ripe summer fruit for desserts?

If you can’t join us in Covington, remember that you can always tune in to our live Instagram and Facebook feeds!

See you next month in the Sur Le Plat kitchen!

scone baking





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