Whole Greek Grilled Fish

Greek grilled fish

Take me back to the Greek islands. I am dreaming of Santorini as I write this greek grilled fish recipe. This style of grilling fish is plain and simple and simply delicious. In Santorini we sat in an outdoor cafe at the seaside and watched as fisherman pulled their catch from the clear blue waters of the southern Augean Sea.

The beauty of this recipe is dependent on the freshness of the fish. Get the freshest mild whole white fish that you can find at your local fish market. I usually use redfish, however, sea bass or sea bream or snapper would also suffice. Have your fishmonger gut and scale the fish but leave the head and tail intact. Sounds a little scary, I know, but the presentation is most impressive and the moistness that is preserved by leaving the fish whole is worth every delectable bite.

You can prep this fish in 10 minutes. It is amazing what a little extra virgin olive oil, preferably Greek, a sprinkle of sea salt and fresh sliced lemons can do to perk up the grilled fish.

The fish is grilled over a medium to high heat grill for only about 10 minutes per side. Do not overcook or the fish will be dry and tasteless.

Sprigs of fresh thyme and some black and green cured olives are all that you need to garnish this fish and enhance the goodness of this flaky grilled creature of the sea.

Serve this Greek grilled fish with greek roasted potatoes or the Santorini salad. Either of these sides will complement the whole grilled fish and make a lovely, simple, fresh meal transporting you to the Greek islands. I can feel the breeze blowing and smell the briny sea air. Cheers or “ya mas,” to your health!

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