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Turn off the stove!

Summertime in south Louisiana means porch sitting, floating down cool, lazy, Louisiana rivers, and inventing every possible way to avoid turning on the stove or the oven and heating up the kitchen. Sometimes I feel too hot to cook, but eating is always an option especially when you have access to summer produce. As the […]

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scone baking

In the Sur Le Plat Kitchen: Making Scones, fruit cobbler and lemon curd

The inaugural Sur Le Plat scone making class was a tremendous success! We began the class with a tasting of fresh blueberry scones with lemon curd. I also made some lavender lemonade to keep us cool on this hot summer day and accompany our sweet and savory creations. Twelve cooking enthusiasts joined me in the […]

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How many cookbooks is enough?

Do I have to answer that question? One hundred and five, yes, 105 cookbooks, give or take a few that have been borrowed and are out on permanent or temporary leave, fill the shelves in my humble kitchen. But there is always room for one more. It fills me with great happiness to acquire or […]

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salad nicoise

Salade Composée

A composed salad. That is the literal interpretation of salade composée. Each food is placed with care and with thought on the plate. A salade composée gives you artistic license to assemble beautiful little tastes and samplings of complimentary foods on one plate, or individual plates, with attention to their taste, texture, and color. In […]

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pipian verde

Buen Provecho! San Miguel De Allende

Gastronomy: the connection between food and culture and the cooking style that reflects an area. The regional and authentic food of Mexico was recognized in 2010 along with traditional French cuisine and Spanish flamenco by UNESCO for its deep cultural roots and diversity. Looking to escape the Mardi Gras madness in New Orleans in early […]

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